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Mission Statement

Founded in 1999, Everbright International has built a global community of employees and clients. Our skilled and dedicated workforce and our teamwork is the reason for our success and is what makes Everbright International stand apart from the competition.?

Operating on a global scale, Everbright International has worked hard to adjust to an evolving marketplace. This means embracing new technology and innovation offering safer and more efficient manufacturing.

While we began as a local company nearly 20 years ago, we have since grown into one with worldwide operations today, our business philosophy remains rooted in core principles:

  • Be pragmatic, efficient and solution driven.
  • Constant innovation is paramount.
  • Strive for excellence.
  • Honor compliance and corporate governance in all the environments of which we work.
  • Be active members of the communities in which we work.
  • Shared growth with customer, employee or partner.

On upholding these principles, we work towards providing quality products, great service under the best working conditions whilst abiding by local, national and international regulations.

Also recognizing the importance of being a good corporate citizen.

We are proud that our operating philosophy remains true to our roots as a family-run, local minded company. We look forward to building on all our capabilities, including current relationships and the forging of new ones.

When Everbright International began in 1999, we were a family owned and a local company in Wuxi China.

Our goal then was to simply manufacture quality apparel in a safe working environment.

Over the past 20 years our goal has not changed, but our business has grown from a domestic one to a one that is global in scope and mindset.?Central to our global operations is our desire to help build economic growth by creating jobs and investing in the community.?Today Everbright Internationals' business operations extend around the world with manufacturing facilities, sales offices, and customers. Whether it be in China, Australia or even the United States, we strive to run our businesses in an environmentally sustainable way and work to invest in a range of programs.

Over the years, as I have traveled to our offices and I have seen our investments help the local economies grow. From new markets to start up brands we have seen many make great progress, and are honored to be a part of them.

We make protecting and promoting our workers and their wellbeing our mission. It is something of great personal importance to me.

Our work relationships are based on mutual trust with our associates.

Personally?I?am very proud of the work Everbright International has accomplished over the years with its employees. As a priority, we have substantially invested in training and development for all of our staffs and we will continue to do so.

We take pride in being able to promote from within, whilst we invest in?global talent and believe we need the mix, we also believe it to be vital for our company culture to have both. It is with this investment, in all our people, that?I have seen many, success stories, like a factory worker eventually becoming middle management. These individual stories and Everbright Internationals own story is similar and we are grateful to all our associates and partners alike for joining us on this wonderful journey of expansion and of growth.

Thank you.

Chairman Hamen Fun

Everbright International grew from a small regional garment manufacturing company to an international one. In our first eleven years of business, we grew from 1999 US$2m?to 2011 US$31 million. Everbright International was then ready to expand further internationally.

We own and operate several manufacturing facilities focusing on the manufacturing segment of the supply chain.

We also then began our expanded joint operations and partnerships with some 70 factory bases, which in turn allow us to have the flexibility of supply, along with the ability to provide a variety of categories to our customers.

Everbright International has also established a corporate sales presence in Australia, New York and Los Angeles with others to come, so as to ensure proximity and real time service to clients, while providing the same level of managerial engagement that led to our early success in Asia.

While expanding in the Americas and Europe, we also grew our business in Asia. Most recently, to increase category business opportunities and other trade benefits for our customers.

Who we are

Everbright International is a trusted and reliable apparel manufacturer. It operates several of its own production facilities and has four (and growing) global offices today, including its headquarters in China. Since inception in 1999, Everbright Internationals workforce, high quality standard, and its shared profitability have made the company a vital supplier for its retailers, wholesalers and brands.

Each year Everbright International aims to raise the standard of business without forsaking any of the performance indicators, our aim is to provide all that the customers expect from us and more.

On owning several factories ourselves and partnering or controlling up to an average of 70 other factory bases, this gives us the flexibility to do volume and to produce more products for our customers. This in turn allows us to serve the customers with not only great items but also ranges of product if required.

This ability provides the customer with synergies of one governing supplier, providing a streamlined approach in process, multiple products and consistency.

The direct factory model to buyer offers exactly that - more direct.

At the front of our operation is some hundred or so merchandisers (and growing) to work directly with buyers. This is the secret behind Everbright Internationals real success. The ability to sit on top of production in the actual factory to enable accurate reporting and management is vital for our business performance and our partners. This direct model streamlines process and reduces cost.