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Overview from the Managing Director

For Everbright International we think and operate globally, but continue to check our thinking against our core values. Everbright International is not just focused on growth, but on constant improvement. We pay the same detailed attention to each of our business units, albeit our factories or our sales offices today as we did a decade ago.Throughout we have ensured that we promote a shared vision for the company. This way of thinking and working has created a family like atmosphere that fosters a collective strength that has enabled us to grow and compete.

Innovate, Build and Compete.

We constantly work to enhance our business by understanding where and how the market is moving. In particular technology is a leading force. This is at the forefront as we keep abreast of the changing market and set up for sustainable growth.

Our main task is to become a global company with open-mindedness & creativeness in order?to gain the competitive edge within the industry. Growth will also?occur?by securing added value and service.

We constantly look to streamline and create a more efficient business & structure by getting rid of unnecessary steps.?We will also be?strengthened by our expanded development capability in new sourcing markets and distribution alike.

With our multitalented team of associates, we will strive to improve the workplace, its products and services, to be the ultimate partner of choice for years to come.

Peak Fun, Managing Director?


Everbright International has largely invested in fabric expertise, as we believe the fabric the most important part of the garment.Whilst we work to the customer’s requirements we also have a broad library and maintain it with most updated fabrications. We also have strong relationships with Mills around the world to ensure value/quality of our fabric.

All fabrics go through several testing processes both at origin and before manufacture. Many retailers have their own policies, but ours is the most stringent of all.


Everbright International has the capability to design. We have talented textile and clothing designers as well as graphic design. With offices all around the world and in market we can facilitate any value add.

Fit and Sampling

Our technicians can work to the fit required by the customer or create a fit based on the brand profile. Our sample process is usually 24hours if fabric is on hand. Our skill in patterns, fit and sampling is one that we have worked extremely hard to perfect and are constantly investing in new technologies to fast track the sign off of sampling to ensure the customer can work closer to the market.


The apparel manufacturing process covers order placement from customers to the shipment of the finished garments to our customers.

Pre-Production: sampling, sourcing of raw materials, approval of details, pre-production meetings.

Production: production processes from receiving all materials including fabric, and producing garments through cut & sew process.

Post-production: finishing processes, quality checks, packing, shipment inspection etc.

To increase efficiency and ensuring the highest quality, Everbright International has established integration by streamlining the process and having our merchandisers on the job in the respective factory. We have found no matter how integrated you are, without someone representing your order and its individual requirements, the service level overall falls.


We are proud of the relationships we have built over the years. It is these very relationships that have made Everbright International the company it is today.

Out of respect to our partners business we have chosen not to list on our website.

We can discuss who our partners are in order to identify synergies for our capabilities but our business growth is all due to relationships, a good track record and word of mouth via recognition of performance. We do not see that changing.