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We see ourselves as a member of the community with the opportunity to invest in its future, not only through the jobs at our facilities, but also through investments and programs that extend beyond our core business, we strive to be a productive and supportive member of the community.


We believe that our associates are the heart of our business. Their well being, both at work and beyond our facilities, is of critical importance to us. Respect is the most basic principle we impart on all of our employees. We promote an open work environment, encouraging employees to share ideas for improvement, voice concerns, and maintain an ongoing dialogue fostering a culture of trust.

Milestones, Achievements and Camaraderie

Everbright International has various celebrations and group trips in order to celebrate the work and effort that our employees contribute. Yearly trips enable all to relax and have some fun, while also building on friendships with colleagues.

We also partake other community programs like ‘Fun Runs’ and the like. All are participated with great enthusiasm from staff and management alike.

The key point here is we are very conscious of some downtime, to have some fun and to say thanks.

Employee Engagement and Training

We endeavor to tap into the full potential of our workforce and in turn become a better company. Each of our facilities hosts a range of activities for employees, across all levels of seniority, to further cultivate teamwork and to foster a collaborative environment.

Everbright International offers diverse training courses providing our associates with the knowledge and resources necessary for advancing their careers. Classes focus both on skills of importance to an employee’s job, for example including language classes, but we also offer broader professional development courses. For example, employees interested in learning computer skills, can access to the technology or education in the field along with a ‘brother system’ where a super user or specialist is on the job and able to mentor the others in learning. Many colleagues get the opportunity to travel and to learn on the job as well with mentoring support.

Everbright International spares no effort to provide a safe and comfortable working environment. In each of our facilities we comply with local and international standards and programs. Working with employees to ensure that we hold ourselves to the best practices, and implementing site-specific preventive activities. We understand that you can have the best practices on paper, but without regular training they achieve little. That is why we hold training at all of our facilities.


Environmental stewardship is important to us, from carbon emissions to waste management, we are dedicated to understanding the impact of our business. We are constantly exploring ways to be promoting environmental sustainability and responsibility.

Additionally, the textile industries deal with diverse domestic and foreign laws and regulations restricting products factories can use. We have established a process to make sure we are in compliance. We are also working with our buyers’ protocol, and by sharing information with vendors in collaboration with all Supply Chain Management (SCM) to build effective countermeasures to: Improve working conditions, reduce carbon emissions and maximize energy savings.